Company Profile

The Offices of Vigen Onany and Associated, Inc. are located in Glendale, California.

For over two decades, under the leadership of Vigen Onany, VIGEN ONANY & ASSOCIATES, INC. has successfully expanded into a full service real estate budgeting company, and a leading Homeowners Associations’ financial management. 

Mr. Onany’s  expertise is currently recognized nationwide.  Over two thousand projects have been responsibly budgeted in five states and over fifty homeowners associations are financially managed by splendid service and attention.  Our reputation has left a golden mark on our devotedly returning customers.  Mr. Onany’s success is the result of an intense affiliation with the real estate market, an ongoing training to uphold the current amendments, and continuous upgrading of the operating systems.  To maximize performance and to offer an outstanding customer service, an in-house developed technology is being utilized which has been built based on years of

Mr. Onany’s personal experience and customer feedback. 

With his exceptionally professional, talented, and educated team, Mr. Onany is always ready to assist clients with their least to most challenging requests.  The entire team specializes in all areas of budgeting and financial management of real estate development.

Services provided at Vigen Onany and Associates, Inc. are the following:


  • Department of Real Estate Budgets

  • Project Analysis and Consulting

  • Reserve Study Specialist

  • Timeshare Budgeting

  • Homeowners Association

  • Financial Management Services

  • Preparation of Accounting Books and Tax Returns

  • New Association Setup